Monday, February 14, 2005

V-day raves and rants

Pre-Hearts' rant:

A complete stranger criticized my outfit yesterday.

I was standing on line in a convenience store, wearing, mind you, a very standard and not at all vulgar outfit: a long skirt (which covered me up to me toes), a gray shirt and a blue sweater over it. Granted, it's not the best outfit i have, but hell, it's Sunday! Anyway, this woman with a kid in tow goes up to me and says, ever so politely with a smile:

"Ang sagwa naman! takpan mo nga yan!" (How vulgar! Cover yourself up!)

WTF!?! I blankly stared at her as she moved along, all the time looking back at me and tsk-tsking like crazy, repeating what she said almost inaudibly. I looked at myself, seeing if i was showing a boob, a bare leg, or what. Nothing. I was really shocked. What THE Fuck!?!

I got really pissed. First of all, i wasn't wearing anything indecent. For another, Who the friggin' hell was she to say something like that to a complete stranger!? I left the convenience store with growing resentment to her, a complete stranger. I fumed inside and told my sweetie after we met. He was completely baffled as i was.

We tried to analyze what happened --- maybe she was an inner fashion critic, who was starting out (therefore preying on strangers, like me); maybe she was having issues with her husband (she must have lost him to a younger girl); maybe she wanted the sweater (or skirt, or shirt) for herself and the only way she could console herself was to look for people who have it and criticize them like crazy; maybe she's just plain crazy.


Yup, ladies and gents, there ARE people who can be bitches and assholes for no apparent reason.

+ + +


Happy Hearts' Day!!!

+ + +

Things that make my V-day:

* getting flowers from the most wonderful guy :-)
* having morning breakfast with someone you love (and actually getting to work on time, too! heheh)
* listening to sickeningly sweet mushy love songs over the radio (it's tolerable since it's V-day)
* texting and receiving messages from family and friends

+ + +


JAm said...

hmmm... baka ang ibig nyang sabihin yung mukha mo... hehehe.Ü JOK LANG PO. hehehe.Ü

baka naman iba yung pinagsasabihan nya. baka may katabi kang mahalay ang suot kasi sa pagka-describe mo ng suot mo 'di naman sya vulgar..

wanderlust junkie said...

thanks, i think :-S

nways, happy v-day! :-)

mimi said...

baka na wow mali ka hehe

belated happy hearts day! =)

wanderlust junkie said...

hahahha! sana nga lang, otherwise i'll think everybody in my neighborhood is nuts.
belated happy hearts' Day!

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